BLOOD BANK.   Our client is a blood bank who has found that people respond positively when their efforts are rewarded with something tangible. So, to help keep people returning to donate blood they make sure they take something tangible home with them after each visit.  Their December gift is an Insulated Collapsible Cooler Bag that can be kept in the car or home and used year round when going to the grocery stores or taking warm/cold foods to an event.  

TRADE SHOW PROMOTIONAL GIVE-AWAY. We suggested giving a higher end tote bag away with the client's company name printed on both sides. As many of us know, you can collect much collateral and giveaways at these shows and the bags sometimes can be cheap and tear or break. The client gave these bags out with their name printed on both sides and found that the majority of trade show attendees were carrying their bag around due to the Strength and Construction of the bag. The client was extremely satisfied due to the fact that attendees would visit their competitions booth advertising their bag with their name printed to the competition and throughout the show.

TRADE SHOW SEASON IS FAST APPROACHING AS MANY ARE COMPLETED BY THE END OF THE FIRST QUARTER. Our client uses trade shows as one of their major marketing efforts. They like to have the biggest booth and a large presence at all the shows they attend. They wanted something that would get attention and cause conversation at the trade show. We suggested to hem with an order of earbuds....they accomplished what the customer wanted and they have continued to use them for several years....they just placed a new order for 2,850 units for this year's trade shows.

CLIENT/PROSPECT THANK YOU. THANK YOU...ARE SOMETIMES THE TWO LEAST USED WORDS IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. The president of the company stresses to their sales people the importance of always saying Thank You to a customer or prospect at the end of appointment...whether they buy something or not. They are providing a custom Moleskin padfolio to their salespeople to present to every customer on their next sales call...as a way of saying Thank You....in a tangible way....a $20 per customer thank you. Seven out of ten customers who are lost...are lost because of indifference...don't let your customers become indifferent.

NURSES WEEK. Our client wanted a special gift for nurses for Nurses Week and we worked with one of her HealthCare customers on a program to recognize their their nursing staff. We suggested the Ultimate Backpack as something they would use to carry items to and from work or in their daily activities on a personal level. The client loved the idea and purchased 2400 backpacks.

LARGE MEMBERSHIP ORGANIZATION INVESTS CUSTOM KEY FOBS TO HELP PROMOTE MEMBERSHIP. Our client talked about increasing membership and doing a better job of retaining members. We proposed the idea of sending a survey card to each member to rate the services provided by the organization. The hope was to gain information that could be used in promoting new membership as well as retaining current members. To gain attention and interest when the survey card was received by the customer included a custom key fob with each of the survey cards. We mailed 5,000 cards and key fobs.

EMPLOYEE SATELLITE/HOME OFFICES. Our client has offices all around the country in addition to their home office location. Since many of the employees work in satellite offices they often do not feel part of the total organization...especially new employees. We suggested a backpack filled with essentials the employee would need, all carrying a corporate imprint, in an effort to make them feel more a part of the overall organization. The customer liked the idea and has had a great reception from employees.

EMPLOYEE RECOGNITION. Our client wanted to develop an annual program for recognizing employees and their years of service. This year the company will use Pendants and Money Clips as part of the recognition program....the program has grown each year as the customer has grown....in fact, they are in the process of taking over another firm which means the program will once again grow. Employee recognition is important as part of every firm's efforts to have happy employees and recognize their contribution to the firm's success.

CASUAL FRIDAY. Our client was instituting a Casual Friday for their employees and decided to provide each employee with shirts. We came up with a unique idea that each department would have a different color shirt. To departmentalize them even more....they used a different sleeve logo for each department with the same corporate logo on the left chest of all the shirts. Casual Friday takes on a unique look and employees take personal pride in their department’s shirt and logo.

BUSINESS ANNIVERSARY. Our client who was approaching a business anniversary asked us how to recognize people who are important to the hospital and responsible for their success. They narrowed it down to the hospital's employees and the volunteers who are important to the hospital. The hospital will distribute 1,350 towels to employees and volunteers with the appropriate copy recognizing his business milestone and thanking them for their efforts.

COMPANY CELEBRATES 70 YEARS IN BUSINESS. Our client was planning how to recognize their employees as part of celebrating their 70th year in business. We suggested a concept of a Backpack filled with various items the employees would use such as a First Aid Kit, Screw Driver Set, Sunglasses, etc.

NEW EMPLOYEE KIT. Our customer recently expanded their business and hired a group of new employees. They wanted these and any future new hires, to feel welcome and a part of the company from day one. Part of this effort was building a Welcome Kit. The kit contained a jacket, vest, two polo shirts, a water bottle and a backpack. Each employee received a kit, along with other company material at the time of their hire...so they had the shirts, jacket, etc. to wear their first day on the job. The company intends to continue this program with future new hires.

COMPANY PICNICS/OUTINGS. We worked with our customer in the planning of their meeting and selecting the promotional products to be distributed. They settled on hats, t-shirts, stadium cups, tumblers & frisbee's for the kids as gifts to be given to everyone who attends the meeting.

NEW EMPLOYEE/CUSTOMER WELCOME KIT GIFT. Our customer wanted a Welcome Kit that could be used for new employees, new customers and various other distribution which would say Welcome or Thank You. The Welcome Kit would consist of material pertaining to the company but they also wanted other useful components. Since the client is in the construction industry, we suggested a long sleeve ANSI Tee, Safety Vest, Safety Glasses with Safety Glass Neoprene holder, Power Bank, Work Gloves and a set of Binoculars that could come in handy being used in business or for personal use.

YEAR END GIFT. Our customer has a large contingent of seniors as part of their customer base. Each year they like to acknowledge them at year end with a gift. this year they chose double walled acrylic mugs and had them stuffed with peppermint tea. They will be distributed as the seniors visit their place of business during the month of December. They want to give an appropriate gift, one the seniors can easily carry home and then use in their daily lives.

YEAR END GIFT DISTRIBUTION PROGRAM FOR CUSTOMERS AND EMPLOYEES. We have a customer with 800 employees and 850 clients they wanted to recognize at year end. They were looking for something that would work for both, something they would use personally....and would be appropriate for male and female clients and employees. We suggested on an umbrellas as a universal promotional item they could distribute to employees and clients. This is something they will carry in their car, keep at the office or home for those rainy days....and something they will have for years to come.

WEBSITE PROMOTION. Most of today’s companies have a website to promote their products and business. Those who do not have a website are probably thinking of developing one. But a website is of no value if people do not know about it. Companies must include their website in all communication so people become familiar with it and will visit it. Our customer recently created a website to promote a new service. Now, it was necessary to let their customers and prospects know about it. Since they go to many events and trade shows they are distributing lip balm with the new site featured in the copy. The lip balm is inexpensive and allows them to mass distribute them at various events. This initial order was for 20,000 pieces.

EMPLOYEE RECOGNITION PROGRAM. We have worked with this customer over the years on various programs and helped them develop this unique way of recognizing employees. The customer has an employee giving program for employees to have money deducted from their paychecks and given to charity. It’s sort of like an internal ‘United Way’ campaign. We have developed a way to recognize employees who give by having them place a gold, silver or bronze badge accent pin on their employee name badge. It will be a nice die cast metal that they can wear proudly to show that they are a ‘giver’. The gold, silver and bronze finishes indicate how many years they have contributed a portion of their own paycheck to charity. It’s a great way to thank them and recognize their generosity for all to see”

HOMECARE. We work with a company in the Homecare field. They recognize the importance of their clients, and also the caregivers in their organization, to the success of their business. They wanted to recognize these two groups at year's end with a “Thank You” gift to tangibly let them know they are appreciated. We suggested roll up picnic blankets that could be used at home, in the car, at outdoor sports events, etc. They liked the idea and placed an order for 1,750 of them.

SALES MEETING. Our client was planning a sales meeting. They were sending 250 employees and spouses to Hawaii for the meeting. They wanted everyone to have the same type shirt to enhance the group feeling and being part of the corporated family. Instead of the traditional Hawaiian print shirt, we proposed a Columbia Fishing shirt that they would have the opportunity of catching the "Big One" in Hawaii. Along with the shirt, we provided the jewelry roll up bag for the spouses wives.

SAFETY PROGRAMS. Safety is important to every company as lost time accidents, whether they happen on the job or in the home, are costly. It is not just lost time, but, also insurance costs and other liabilities that can come as the result of accidents. The company we work with promotes safety throughout the year and at year end they reward the employees who worked the entire year without an injury. This year they will distribute quality men's and women's jackets as part of their safety award program. MANY COMPANIES HAVE FORMAL SAFETY PROGRAMS AND USE MONTHLY DISTRIBUTION OF PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS TO KEEP THE SAFETY MESSAGE IN FRONT OF EMPLOYEES.....THEN WIND UP WITH AN AWARDS PROGRAM RECOGNIZING GOOD SAFETY RECORDS FOR THE YEAR.

NEW PRODUCT RELEASE. We worked with a customer with a new product introduction. We worked with them in the planning of the new product release and suggested they use shirts for distribution to customers. employees and the executive staff to wear during it's release. The shirt will carry a logo supporting the new product. Another example of adding life to the message by utilizing a promotional product that will be worn by customers and executives long after the initial product release...keeping the message alive, reminding potential uses of the product and of its availability.

NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH. We work with a customer with various promotions throughout the year. In fact this client really gets and takes advantage of the full concept of utilizing promotional items to stay in the forefront of their clients, which in turn keeps them ahead of the competition. Whenever this customer launches a new product they like to give their reps around the country something to keep the new product launch, and their name and message, in front of their clients. With this new product launch we suggested the Power Bank. Everyone has their phone at their hip and is using during the work hours.

NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH. PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS WILL SUPPORT A NEW PRODUCT INTRODUCTION. We have a customer who introduced a new product and wanted to do something to support the overall introduction program. We suggested Power Banks as a promotion with the "Power of this Product" as part of the new product kick off. The bank will stay around to keep the message alive and in front of the prospective users of the product....adding life to the overall effort.

NATIONAL CONVENTIONS. Our customer was holding their Annual Convention and turned to ideas and suggestions from us on items they might distribute that would keep the theme of the convention alive with participants and do so for months to come. We suggested Samsonite Parker Leather Bags, Hoodies and T-Shirts. They purchased 1,100 of each to help make this national convention successful and keep the message alive.

MISSION STATEMENT. COMPANY USES PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS TO CARRY THEIR MISSION STATEMENT TO EMPLOYEES. In one discussion with the client, they indicated to us they had developed a mission statement for employees. They were looking for a way to keep it in front of the employees as a reminder of the company's direction and the way they wanted to treat their customers and employees. We suggested a mousepad as a vehicle that would carry the message and keep it in front of the employees all day, every day, as they all had computers and a need for a mouse pad. The idea hit home with the customer and the promotion resulted in a positive environment of customer and employee relations.

COMPANY MERGES FIVE FACILITIES AND INTRODUCES NEW FIVE COLOR LOGO....NEEDS TO COMMUNICATE THE NEW LOGO AND RECOGNIZE ALL INVOLVED IN THE MERGER. In the process of working with this customer for multiple orders this year, we learned they were going to merge the locations and introduce the new logo at the same time. They were looking for a vehicle to carry the new logo and at the same time show appreciation for the key employees and people involved in the merger. We suggested a quality backpack that would carry the five color logo and be something the recipients would use throughout the year. ANYTHING A COMPANY DOES TO PROMOTE SALES, RECOGNIZE EMPLOYEES, MAKE INTRODUCTIONS OF NEW PRODUCTS, INTRODUCE NEW LOGOS, ETC. IS MADE BETTER WHEN PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS ARE USED TO CARRY THE MESSAGE & KEEP IT ALIVE FOR MONTHS & YEARS TO COME. A In

COMPANY MEETINGS TO KICK OFF THE NEW YEAR. Our customer holds an annual Kick Off meeting each year to discuss the company objectives, new policies and other subjects they want to cover at the first of each year. They were looking for something to distribute at the meeting that would serve as a gift at the end of the program....and at the same time keep reminding the participants of the meeting and information covered. We suggested an Acrylic Cube that could be used after they got home and back to their offices....decorated with appropriate copy to keep the theme of the meeting in everyone's mind.

We work with a large hospital that has a focus on delivering babies and making the “moms to be” comfortable while in the hospital and when they go home. Each patient receives their own bathrobe when they check into the hospital decorated with the hospital logo. The bathrobe is used during their stay in the hospital and is then taken home with them. This keeps the hospital name in front of them and works as a word of mouth exposure to the patient, family and friends.

NEW OWNERS OF A HOSPITAL WANTED SOMETHING TO DISTRIBUTE TO DOCTORS AS PART OF THEIR OVERALL "GET TO KNOW YOU" EFFORT. We work with a a hospital that was just bought out. With the new ownership came a change in buying responsibilities. We met with the new buyer and the discussed the overall "Get to Know You" effort. After considering several possibilities the buyer liked our suggestion of Cabana Towels to each of the doctors as part of their total package.

Holiday Gifts. We work with a customer who was thinking of giving $75 Gift Cards as their Holiday Gift to employees. We showed them how they could enhance the program by using a duffel bag as a nice employee gift and at the same time promote the new wellness program they were launching. They will use their corporate logo on the front pocket and the wellness program logo on the back pocket. All their employees will receive a duffel bag as their holiday gift....something that will continue to say Thank You to the employees and at the same time encourage participation in the new wellness program.....long after the Gift Cards would have been used and forgotten.

CREDIT UNION REACHES OUT TO COLLEGE CAMPUSES FOR NEW BUSINESS... We work with a credit union in helping them develop new business as well as recognize their regular customers and thank them for their business. In this situation the credit union wanted to reach out to college campuses to develop new customers. We suggested they use shirts on the campuses of select colleges. The customer liked the idea and placed an order for 5,500 shirts.

FINANCIAL INSTITUTION WILL USE MINI FANS AS A YEAR LONG PROMOTION TOOL. We work with a financial institution who attends various events throughout the year. They wanted an inexpensive item they could distribute at these events, (including the local, county & state fair) during the summer and fall. But, they also want to use the item for distribution to customers (they call them members) and potential customers (members). The fan will work well during the summer and fall and is easily distributed at events or from their various locations. ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF A PROMOTIONAL PRODUCT BEING USED IN VARIOUS WAYS TO KEEP THE NAME OF THE FINANCIAL INSTITUTION IN FRONT OF THE COMMUNITY AND THEIR CUSTOMERS (MEMBERS).

EMPLOYEE RECOGNITION. My client discussed with me recognition of an important part of their workforce....their drivers. So each year they have a driver appreciation week when they recognize their overall work performance and their safe driving records. This year we suggested they distribute a tumbler to each driver during the driver appreciation week with the company logo and a thank you for their service imprinted on each tumbler.

EMPLOYEE APPRECIATION AND RECOGNITION PROGRAM. This is the season for recognizing and showing appreciation to employees….many times referred to as the “Gift Season.” We are well aware of this market and does our best to take advantage of it with every customer possible. We suggested a jacket for the employees. “Regarding how the jackets will be used...I’ve worked with this customer for many years. They’ve expanded to multiple locations over the past few years. They rarely do employee recognition but we discussed different possibilities and it was decided jackets would be a great way to show recognition and appreciation...something they would use for many years to come.”

DRUG-FREE PROGRAM - HR DEPARTMENT. We work with a customer who is introducing a new Drug-Free Awareness Program. They were looking for a way to encourage employees to sign a pledge to be Drug-Free and at the same time promote the program to others. The settled on a lapel pin to be given to each employee who signed a pledge. As the employee wore the pin others would see he/she had pledged and remind them to do so.

COMMUNICATION. We are in the COMMUNICATIONS BUSINESS with promotional products. We work with a company that owns apartment complexes and as such gets involved in their overall operation, not just promotions of the properties. I learned the maintenance department was looking for a way to communicate certain information to the people living in the properties. We came up with a suggestion of a custom sign that could carry the message and be placed throughout the properties. They liked the idea and placed an order for 650 signs....guess the message will be communicated in a big way. We also placed another order for the idea of professional tool kits to an apartment complex...that has repeated many times.

LIP BALM FOR CHIROPRACTIC & SPINAL CENTER. I have a good working relationship and one day when visiting with them about upcoming promotions I asked them a question, "Aren't you always telling your clients to hydrate themselves after chiropractic therapy". The answer was yes and I suggested using watermelon lip balm as a way to hydrate their lips and keep them moist with the refreshing watermelon lip balm. They loved the idea and placed an order for 5,000 units.

CALENDAR ADVERTISING IS JUST LIKE AN ANNUITY. The client has been in this business for 50 years and has renewed this Calendar Advertising Program several times. The customer has multiple locations throughout their market area. They distribute these calendars from each of their locations. They are handed to their customer by an employee who at the same times verbally thanks them for their business. They have now placed their sign in the homes of their customers, constantly reminding them of their desire to do business with them...and that their business is appreciated. SHOW YOUR CUSTOMERS HOW CALENDAR ADVERTISING WORKS FOR THEM 365 DAYS A YEAR….WITH A MINIMAL INVESTMENT OF PENNIES A DAY.

NON-PROFIT BUSINESS RECOGNIZING SUPPORTERS. We have worked with this non-profit organization for several years. We provide promotional products to support various promotions. One thing they do each year is to recognize and say “Thank You” to their supporters, or as they call them Subscribers. Each year presents a new challenge of coming up with a new product for their supporters which we provide. This year they presented a Power Bank to their supporters and they loved it.